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Talbot County records a total of 119,481 acres for use in the 279 square miles within its jurisdiction. Talbot County views opportunities to expand marketing efforts with regional brands that identify our agricultural products with our region with an emphasis on quality, freshness and food safety. Diversifying agricultural grain products with alternative crops for bio-fuel and energy production impacts the commodities markets and the price structure for corn and soybeans.

The Market Value of agricultural production in Talbot County contributed $89.5 million to the local economy in 2012 with $61 million in grain production.

Operating Farms: 328
Average Farm: 364 acres
Total Agricultural Parcels: 2,150

The Talbot County Council adopted an Agriculture Visioning Plan to preserve agricultural land and to support agriculturally based industries. To retain Talbot County farms, the land must be used for agriculture production. The Plan addresses the sustainable requirements of Talbot County's agricultural base, including large grain farms, poultry and mid-size farm operations, small value-added farms and resource-based agriculture. Sustaining a working landscape of grain and specialty crop farming that continues to define our quality of life and serve as an asset to the community is the mission of the Agriculture Visioning Plan.

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