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Economic Development Commission


The Talbot County Economic Development Commission consists of 18 members, seven of whom are appointed by the County Council for three-year terms as at-large members, and four representatives selected by the municipalities of the Town of Easton, the Town of Oxford, the Town of St. Michaels and the Town of Trappe. The remaining members, including the County Manager and Council Liaison, are Ex-Officio members. The role of the Economic Development Commission is to advise the Talbot County Council on economic matters and to support the initiatives of the Talbot County Office of Economic Development and Tourism.

To find out more about the Commission, please review The Role of the Commission.

Commissioner        Representing     Term Expiration
Timothy Jones, Chairman   Chesapeake College   Ex-Officio
Al Silverstein, Vice Chairman   Chamber of Commerce   Ex-Officio
Ted Bautz   Commercial Real Estate   June 30, 2017
Scott Beatty, Jr.   Large Business   June 30, 2017
Walter Chase, Jr.   Town of Trappe   June 30, 2017
Peter Dunbar   Town of Oxford   June 30, 2018
Ron Engle   Town of Easton   June 30, 2017
Andrea Lev   Healthcare   June 30, 2019
Clay Railey   Member-at-Large   June 30, 2019
Gerald O'Mara   Agriculture   June 30, 2018
Craig Wanner   Manufacturing   June 30, 2019
Jean Weisman   Town of St Michaels   June 30, 2017
Jacqueline Wilson   Small Business   June 30, 2017
Margaret Enloe   Talbot County Arts   Ex-Officio
Shannon Dill   Agriculture   Ex-Officio
Mike Henry   Easton Airport   Ex-Officio
R. Andrew Hollis   County Manager   Ex-Officio
Terenda Thomas   Workforce DLLR   Ex-Officio  
Jennifer Williams    County Council Liaison to Commission   Ex-Officio
Cassandra Vanhooser   Department of Economic Development & Tourism   Director

Sam Shoge 

Ryan Snow


Department of Economic Development & Tourism




Project Manager


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