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Housing Program Information

Talbot County Affordable and Workforce Housing Commission
The Talbot County Affordable and Workforce Housing Commission is an advisory body assembled by the Talbot County Council for the purpose of exploring the availability of affordable and workforce housing in Talbot County. The Commission is not responsible for creating policy, but to offer insight and guidance to the Council for consideration in the development of affordable and workforce housing initiatives, programs, funding and/or legislation.

These Commission meetings are planned as work sessions for the purposes of gathering information and making suggestions to the County Council. The public is welcome to attend and observe the work of the Commission.

On April 15, 2015 the Affordable and Workforce Housing Commission made a presentation to County Council on their initial research findings and recommendations. This presentation can be found here:

Afffordable Housing Presentation April 2015

Objectives for the Commission
The Talbot County Council has searched for a cross section of representatives from the community to make-up the Commission.

Define the issue by identifying, quantifying and articulating the current realities of housing in Talbot County.  This data will be used to develop goals, solutions and strategies for addressing the problem.

Research what other localities have done to address affordable and workforce housing.  What we are facing is identical to the problems so many other towns and counties have faced and acted upon.  There are dozens of case studies of localities that have gone through this process and have come up with viable solutions.  There is no need for us to reinvent the wheel - we can adapt the best practices from many other areas to suit Talbot County and develop a plan that works here.

Propose ways to elimanate the barriers to affordable housing, including regulations add undue time and cost to construction; out of date building codes; duplicative and time consuming design review and approval processes; burdensome rehabilitative codes; restrictive or exclusionary zoning ordinances; unnecessary or excessive fees or taxes; and environmental restrictions.

Propose a complete affordable housing plan that contains all of the interactive tools that cause it to workeffectively, such as inclusionary zoning, land-density bonuses, expedited planning and design review, a sable regulatory environment for developers and the appropriate entity to oversee and administer such a program.

Develop a strong business and community support for solving the affordable and workforce housing issue in Talbot County.

Create public awareness about affordable and workforce housing issues through public forums and meetings.

Effective July, 2011,  applications for housing improvement grant or loan assistance will be accepted and managed by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and Rental Service Programs for information please contact:

DHCD Community Development Administration
Single Family Housing Program
7800 Harkins Road
Lanham, MD  20706

Local Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8
900 Doverbrook Street
Easton, Maryland 21601 
Phone: 410-822-5358  Fax: 410-822-3213

St. Michaels
Type: Low Rent and Section 8
PO Box 296
Saint Michaels, Maryland 21663
Phone: 410-745-5121  Fax: 410-745-3832

Neighborhood Services Center
126 Port Street
Easton, Maryland 21601
Phone: 410-822-5015


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