Talbot County, Maryland

Landing sites

The following chart details Public Landings available in Talbot County.

Name & Location
Size (Acres)
Bar Neck Landing - Tilghman.25No parking, bulkhead, fishing, crabbing
Bayshore Road - Wittman1.05 Limited parking, fishing, crabbing
Bellevue Landing - Bellevue.50Boat ramp, 25 contracted boat slips, pier, ferry dock, fishing, crabbing, 3 picnic table, grill, bulkhead
Black Walnut Cove - Fairbanks3.37Pier, fishing, crabbing, bulkhead
Claiborne Jetty1.90Undeveloped, fishing, crabbing, no parking
Claiborne Landing - Claiborne9.3Boat ramp, 10 contracted boat slips, bulkhead, fishing, crabbing, pier
Covey's Landing - Cordova2.00Boat ramp, fishing, crabbing
Cummings Creek Landing - Wittman.26Boat ramp, 6 contracted boat slips, fishing, crabbing
Dogwood Harbor - Tilghman2.80Boat ramp, 29 contracted boat slips, pier
Easton Point Landing - Easton.50Boat ramp, pier, fishing, crabbing, bulkhead, permit sales
Grace Creek Landing - Bozman.20Bulkhead, no parking
Kingston Landing - Kingston1.30Boat ramp, fishing, crabbing
Leeds Creek - Tunis Mills.30Boat ramp, no parking
Lowes Wharf - Sherwood.30Bulkhead, fishing, crabbing
Miles River Bridge - Miles River.10Boat ramp, fishing, crabbing, limited parking
Neavitt Landing - Neavitt7.22Boat ramp, 14 contracted boat slips, fishing, crabbing, bulkhead
New Bridge Landing - Rt 3281.00Boat ramp, pier, fishing, crabbing
Oak Creek Landing -  Newcomb1.60Boat ramp, 18 contracted boat slips, pier, fishing, crabbing
Reese's Landing - Cordova.50Undeveloped, fishing, crabbing
Sherwood Pier - Sherwood25fishing, crabbing, pier
Skipton Creek - Skipton2.30Boat ramp, pier, fishing, crabbing, limited parking
Tilghman Creek - Claiborne1.34Pier, fishing, crabbing
Tongers Basin - Tilghman1.40Bulkhead, permit sales
Trappe Landing - Trappe.25 Boat ramp, pier, 11 contracted boat slips, fishing, crabbing; marine pump out station open
Villa Road Landing - Glebe Creek.10Boat ramp, fishing, crabbing, limited parking
Windy Hill Landing - Bruceville10.0Ramp, beach, pier, fishing, crabbing
Wye Landing - Wye Mills.50Boat ramp, 2 piers, fishing, crabbing





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