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Neavitt Community Park

Neavitt Community Park
6350 Bozman Neavitt Road
Neavitt, MD 21612

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Bonfire Policy

Neavitt Park Fire Pit

(This policy is based on the Maryland Open Air Burning Regulations)

(COMAR 08.07.04)

A Park Facility Request Form must be filled out and approved prior to any event, including bonfires taking place at Neavitt Park.  This form can be obtained from the Talbot County Department of Parks and Recreation.  The following regulations regarding the open pit fires must be adhered to.

1.  On the day of proposed bonfire, the St. Michaels Fire Chief must be called by no later than 4:00 pm in order to verify that weather conditions are acceptable for a fire, (such as wind and humidity) and to make them aware that there will be a fire that evening.

2.  There should be no flammable materials stored within a 10 foot radius of the fire pit during a burn.

3.  Appropriate number of persons should be avilable to attend to the fire.

4.  Attnention must be paid to flames and ashes escaping from the fire to surrounding areas such as playground, pavilion, houses and any surrounding rooftops.

5.  A hose will be connected to a working hydrant and in operating condition.  A shovel and bucket must be present and available for use if needed.

6.  No garbage, trade waste, paint or treated lumber is acceptable burn material.  Acceptable materials are brush, untreated and unpainted wood, trees or tree limbs, paper.

7.  Burning should occur between the hours of 4:00 pm and 12:00 am. An exception would be when there is snow on the ground, fires may occur during the daytime hours.

8.  At least one responsbile person must remain at the location of the fire until the final spark is out to assure the fire is completely extinguished.

9.  The fire pit surrounding areas should be kept free of brush, wood and other acceptable flammable material until 1 (one) week prior to the bonfire date.


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