Talbot County, Maryland

Pool Parties

Pool Party Information 

No Private Pool Parties after Aug 21

BCHP Party Packages Offered: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
GMCP Party Packages Offered: Saturday & Sunday
Daytime Group Rate Offered: During regular pool hours

Party Packages:

Splash Package (1-49 Guests) $200.00 6-8 PM
Flip Flop Package (50-Above) $250.00 6-8 PM
Splash Package Additional Hour $100.00  
Flip Flop Package Additional Hour $125.00  
Pavillion Rental (3 Hours) $20.00  
Group Rate (20-Above) $3.00 Per Guest  

Party Packages include non-swimmers in the total head count. The full balance is due upon reservation of the party. Refunds will be honored if TCPR is given 48 hours notice of cancelation. Payment must be made during normal business hours at the TCPR Office M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. If you wish to recieve a group rate you must book your group at least 24 hours in advance.  

Pool Reservation Form

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