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Rules and Regulations

  • Valid Talbot County Permits must be displayed when using a Talbot County Public Landing/ Ramp for launching or loading a trailered vessel from the water, or for parking a trailer at the facility.
  • Permit shall be displayed as follows:
Boat Trailer - driver side tongue, 1ft. from the hitch
Vehicle - driver side rear bumper if a permit holder has multiple boats/ boat trailers, it is recommended to display permit on the vehicle.
  • Carry In–Carry Out Trash Free Facility.  Everything you carry in, please carry out with you.  The fine for littering is $100.00.
  • All landings are closed between the hours of 11:00 pm and 4:00 am.  No trespassing during these hours.  Violators will be prosecuted.
  • Vehicles are not to be placed for sale at Public Landings.
  • It is unlawful to block ramps with parked vehicles or vehicle and trailer. No parking at bulkhead. This area is designated for loading and unloading purposes only.
  • Please DO NOT dock boats in loading/ unloading zones.Camping is prohibited at the Public Landings. Open camp fires are prohibited. Please obey all "No Fishing" signs where posted.
  • Please DO NOT leave boats or equipment on Landings. After 5 days all materials will be removed by the Talbot County Landings Office at the owner's expense.
  • There is absolutely no discharging of firearms at the Public Landings at any time. 

* Please note there is limited parking at our landing facilities.





For more information on Talbot County Landings' Rules and Regulations, please view online by using the link below or obtain a copy of the Talbot County Ordinance: Chapter 121 at the Talbot County Department of Parks and Recreation.


Chapter 121: Public Landing Code 





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