Talbot County, Maryland

The Role of the Commission

The purpose of the Talbot County Economic Development Commission shall be to advise and assist the County Council concerning appropriate economic development goals and objectives for the County and the manner in which these goals and objectives may best be achieved.

The Commission’s functions shall include:

  • Providing an economic evaluation of issues of concern to Talbot County;
  • Recommending proposed policies and legislation;
  • Assisting with the periodic development of an economic development plan for Talbot County;
  • Assisting already established businesses to remain in Talbot County;
  • Encouraging and promoting appropriate new businesses to locate to Talbot County;
  • Coordinating County economic development policies and activities with municipal and state governments;
  • Working with the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, the Chesapeake Country Economic Development Corporation, as well as with other local, regional and State organizations which promote economic development; and
  • Providing other related support for the County’s economic development goals and objectives as determined from time to time by the County Council.


Members of the Commission shall be chosen according to the following provisions:

  • All appointees shall be residents of Talbot County and shall have demonstrated relevant experience in Talbot County’s economy.
  • Each municipality within the County, may, if they choose, recommend an individual to serve as a representative to the Commission from that municipality; said representatives to serve three (3) year terms as voting members of the Commission.
  • The Commission shall have seven (7) at-large voting members. The seven (7) at-large voting members shall serve staggered terms of three (3) years each, with no more than three (3) terms expiring in any one calendar year.
  • Persons holding the following positions shall serve as Ex-Officio members: a member of the County Council; a representative of the Chamber of Commerce; a representative of Chesapeake College; a representative from the County Agricultural Extension Office; the County Director of Tourism; and the County Airport Manager.
  • In addition, the County Manager may direct other members of County staff to attend as may be deemed appropriate.
  • The Commission shall elect a chairperson and other officers as it deems appropriate from its membership.

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