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Community Center Unveils New Sport Court Flooring

August 8, 2014

Talbot County Community Center Unveils New Sport Court Flooring in Main Arena

Installation is complete on the new Sport Court flooring at the Community Center, providing more floor space and a safer environment for indoor sports. 

During winter months, the 17,000-sq.ft. arena is covered in ice and is a popular venue for hockey and figure skating. But when the ice comes up in the spring, what's left is a huge concrete slab.

Parks and Recreation Director Preston Peper, who took the helm in 2013, envisioned something better. He says Sport Court flooring is the choice of athletes around the country, from the NCAA and USA Volleyball to the U.S. Soccer Foundation and NBA Jam Session.

"I played on Sport Court flooring around the country while competing in semi-pro volleyball," Peper says. "This type of flooring offers a safer, more durable surface and enables us to host leagues, tournaments, camps, clinics, and special events."

Today, the sealed concrete floor at the Community Center is covered with 17,000 interlocking tiles that form a cushioned surface that's lined for sports. The flooring will be in place until the ice rink is installed in this fall.

Shelton Hawkins, head basketball coach at Sts. Peter and Paul High School in Easton, says the Sport Court flooring is a huge improvement. He recently held a basketball camp for the Eastern Shore's top players, coaches and trainers. Without the new flooring, Hawkins says, he would have been unable to host this event.

"Being able to use the Sport Court really made the camp," Hawkins says. "The court gave the kids a feel for what a college level court is like. Everybody was really impressed with the flooring."

The Parks and Recreation Department paid for the $68,000 removable flooring using a combination of local funds and Program Open Space money available through the Department of Natural Resources. Not only is it a safer surface for players, this investment makes the Community Center much more usable.

"I went out to see the flooring and spoke with a number of players and coaches," says Council President Corey Pack. "So many people had expressed their disappointment to me a few years ago when the expansion plans for the Community Center didn't go through. For me to see those kids using that space and enjoying themselves made all of our efforts worthwhile."

For more information, contact: Preston Peper, Parks and Recreation Department, (410) 770-8050.

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