Talbot County, Maryland


Andrew Wilson, Appeal No. 18-1683

Angel Enterprises Limited Partnership and Morton Bender, Appeal No. 16-1661

B&D Sand and Gravel, LLC, Appeal No. 16-1660

Bald Eagle's Nest, Appeal No. 18-1680

Bozman Country Store, c/o Debra Stockman-Lier

Brent and Kelly Asplundh, Appeal No. 16-1652

Composite Yacht, LLC, Appeal No. 16-1655

Fairview Congregation Church of Brethren, Appeal No. 18-1673

Geoffrey and Jodi Turner, Appeal No. 16-1656

Julie Monaco and Conrad Gordon, Appeal No. 17-1670

Katharine L. Griswold (Leonard Property), Appeal No. 16-1657

Kimberly Battaglia, Appeal No. 17-1663  (Weisman)

Kevin and Elisabeth Connors, Appeal No. 16-1659

Leroy Brooks, c/o Billie Jean Marton, Appeal No. 17-1672

Lynne Verioti, Appeal No. 18-1685

Michael Forscey, Appeal No. 18-1678

Pasquale and Deborah DiIulio, Appeal No. 18-1675

Raymond Glaeser, Appeal No. 18-1674

RDC Harbourtowne, LLC and RDC Melanie Drive, LLC, Appeal No. 16-1658 

RDC Harbourtowne, LLC and RDC Melanie Drive, LLC, Appeal No.  16-1658-R (Remand)

RDC Harbourtowne, LLC, Appeal No. 17-1668 

Richard and Jane Leonard, Appeal No. 16-1654 

Richard Tansey, Appeal No. 17-1666

Safe Harbour Construction, LLC, Appeal No. 17-1667

Thomas Cohee, Appeal No. 18-1679

Thomas Stanhope, Appeal No. 18-1677

Trappe Sand and Gravel, LLC, Appeal No. 18-1684

 Two Hundred Nineteen, LLC, Appeal No. 17-1665

Verizon Wireless, c/o Network Building + Consulting, LLC

William and Lynda Bulmer, Appeal No. 17-1664

Wye River Farms, LLC, Appeal No. 18-1676


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