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Living Shoreline at Kingston Landing

August 29, 2014

Talbot County Installs Living Shoreline at Kingston Landing to Reduce Nutrient Loading

Talbot County's Public Works Department installed a 219-linear-foot living shoreline this summer at Kingston Public Landing, located on the Tuckahoe River about 8 miles northeast of Easton.

"This project is part of the Talbot County Council's ongoing commitment to reducing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous flowing into the Chesapeake Bay," says County Manager Clay Stamp. "Our team is using cutting-edge environmental techniques to achieve this goal."

Living shorelines use natural habitat elements such as aquatic plants, submerged aquatic vegetation, sand, and stone to protect the shore from erosion and provide protected habitat for wildlife. This type of shoreline also provides a filtering system for upland run-off, thus improving the water quality in the Bay.

The project was funded partially by a $54,000 grant awarded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust Living Shoreline Initiative Grant Program. The trust receives the majority of its funding through the purchase of "Treasure the Chesapeake" license plates and voluntary contributions by Marylanders through their Maryland State Income Tax return.

The Public Works Department also used $13,898 in Waterway Improvement grant funds it received from the Department of Natural Resources Boating Services Division. This fund was created in 1966 to support the development, use, and enjoyment of all waters of the State of Maryland for the benefit of the general boating public. Revenues are obtained primarily from the one-time 5% excise tax that is paid to the State of Maryland when a boat is purchased and titled in the state.

In 2001, Talbot County's TMDL and Watershed Improvement Plan set a goal of reducing nutrient loading in local waterway by providing 10,000 linear feet of improved shore erosion control measures. The Kingston Landing project, completed in May by St. Michaels contractor Bridges Site and Utilities, Inc., takes the County one step closer to achieving this goal.

For more information, contact: Jesse Fearins, Public Works Department, (410) 770-8170.

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