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Solar Moratorium

On June 28, 2016, the Talbot County Council voted to adopt Resolution 227, a temporary moratorium on the permitting of solar array energy systems occupying an area of two (2) acres or greater for a period of six (6) months pending consideration and adoption of such legislation as the County Council may consider advisable to promote public health, safety and welfare.

This moratorium is established to allow sufficient time with which to complete the pending study, finalize recommendations, and enact appropriate legislation:

(a)  to best promote the polices articulated in the Comprehensive Plan;
(b)  to develop suggestions and options to minimize any adverse visual effects or impacts of solar array energy systems.
(c)  to consider restriction of solar array energy systems in certain zoning districts;
(d)  to consider imposition of use standards;
(e)  to consider the impact of solar array energy systems on environmentally sensitive areas and agriculturally productive lands, and possible mitigation requirements;
(f)  to obtain such expert advice and assistance as necessary;
(g)  to consider such other matters as the Planning Commission or County staff deem appropriate.
The following members have been appointed to serve on this committee:
Dirck K. Bartlett, Councilman (Primary)
Chuck F. Callahan, Councilman (Alternate)
Michael L. Pullen, County Attorney
Mary Kay Verdery, Planning Officer
William Boicourt, Planning Commission
Phillip Councell Jr., Planning Commission
Corey Buxton, Public Works Advisory Board
Frank Cavanaugh, Board of Appeals (Alternate)
Ed Heikes
Scott Kane
Ryk Lesser
Jeff Rathell, Sr.
Please contact Planning Officer, Mary Kay Verdery if you have comments or questions.

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