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New Technologies To Streamline Services and Increase Efficiency

June 23, 2014

County Embraces New Technologies To Streamline Services and Increase Efficiency

The Talbot County Government has rolled out the first of two technology enhancement initiatives that will both streamline services for County residents and increase efficiencies for employees.

“Enhancing our technological capabilities has been a top priority for this Council,” says Corey Pack, County Council President. "These enhancements certainly allow us to realize operational efficiencies, but they ultimately help us better serve our community. That’s what we were elected to do.”

Perhaps the most noticeable advancement is a visually driven website that includes a number of state-of-the-art interactive features.

Document management software adopted earlier this year allows residents to both search and watch Council meetings using a digitized, time-stamped agenda. Instead of watching an entire video, users can now visit the County website and selectively view portions of Council meetings that best match their interests.

The Parks and Recreation Department has also adopted new software that allows participants to sign up online for programs and reserve pavilions and party rooms at the Community Center. Improved internet connectivity at this facility includes free Wi-Fi for visitors.

“We are excited to offer online registration to our participants,” says Preston Peper, director of Talbot County’s Parks and Recreation Department. “This new feature makes registering for classes and reserving pavilions, parties and rooms much simpler. There’s no need for mailing or dropping off payments anymore. Best of all, this feature is available anywhere you can log onto the internet.”

Information about County departments and services, as well as other governmental agencies, has also been restructured to make it easier for users to find. Residents have access to live roadway closure information and searchable GIS maps for planning. In addition, Hog Neck Golf Course has introduced a new system that allows golfers to sign up for tee times and pay for rounds online.

Later this year, a second technology roll out will automate several internal Government functions including the ability to track the County’s permitting and inspection services.

“The changes we’ve made really pull together the services the Talbot County Government offers and presents them in a more user-friendly, easy-to-navigate format,” says Information Technology Director Parker Durham.

Acting County Manager and Emergency Services Director Clay Stamp says implementing technology solutions enhances communication and allows us to provide better customer service to County residents. “We’re committed to excellence, and this is a big step forward for Talbot County,” he says.

For more information, contact: Clay Stamp, Acting County Manager, (410) 770-8010.


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