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Sewer Spill on Rt. 33

For Immediate Release

August 23, 2017


Contact: Ray Clarke

County Engineer

(410) 770-8170



Pipe Repaired, Spill Contained Off Route 33 

The Talbot County Environmental Operations staff has repaired a cracked pipe that resulted in a sewage leak on the southbound side of St. Michaels Road near the Arcadia Shores development. 

Around 9 a.m. on August 23, a Talbot County citizen reported that raw sewage was leaking from a manhole near the Arcadia Shores area. This manhole houses an air release valve that connects to the force main from Unionville and flows to the Royal Oak Pump Station. 

Environmental Operations staff responded and found that the pipe that extends off the main line and supports the air release valve was cracked. The leak was contained, the pipe was repaired, and a private tanker truck was contracted to vacuum the sewage that was present on the ground. 

Approximately 400 gallons of sewage were released from the system and flowed to a nearby drainage ditch along Maryland Route 33.  After recovering the liquid waste, lime was spread over the area to kill off any pathogens present in the raw sewage.  No raw sewage was released into the waters of Talbot County or the Chesapeake Bay.

“The swift thinking of one of our residents allowed County staff to respond quickly thus preventing a larger spill,” says County Engineer Ray Clarke. “Anyone who sees something of concern should contact us immediately.”

Staff from the Talbot County Sanitary District can be reached at 410-745-9257 from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  After hours, call the 24-hour emergency line at 877-469-3494.





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