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Talbot County Council Announces Appointment of Andrew Hollis as County Manager

December 9, 2014

Talbot County Council Announces Appointment of Andrew Hollis as County Manager

The Talbot County Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Hollis as County Manager. Mr. Hollis previously served in the position for 11 years, and most recently served a four year term on the County Council. It is the consensus of all five Council members that the experience he brings to the position is extensive and will be of great value as the new County Council moves forward with its initiatives. In addition to his previous time as County Manager, Mr. Hollis spent eight years as the Town Manager in St. Michaels. He started his career in government service in 1985 when he was hired as Talbot County’s Assistant Planning Officer. He has also served in several community volunteer capacities including as a member of the Talbot County Planning Commission, the Public Schools Ethics Panel, and the County Housing Advisory Board.

County Council President Corey Pack commented that he has spent over seven years working with Mr. Hollis, both as the County Manager and as a fellow Council member, and appreciates the knowledge and experience that Mr. Hollis will provide. "Andy’s demeanor, attitude, and approach to day-to-day operations will serve the Council, the County, and its employees well. He focuses on civility at all times, which is a commitment of this Council as well. He will assist the Council as it deals with a variety of challenges in the years to come, in both the budgetary and legislative arenas." President Pack notes that, "The budgetary responsibility of the County Council is one of its most important functions. Andy has been a part of the last 14 County budget processes, and that historical knowledge will be invaluable. In general, Andy’s past service, as both County Manager and County Council member, will allow this new Council to hit the ground running in terms of moving forward with the job of doing the people’s business."

Regarding his appointment as County Manager, Mr. Hollis is eager to begin the work of assisting the Council and the citizens of the County. Mr. Hollis states "I am most appreciative of the opportunity that has been given to me by the County Council. It is both a privilege and an honor to step back into the position of County Manager to serve the citizens of Talbot County. This Council is of the highest caliber, and is a group of dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic individuals that together will work for the betterment of the County. I again appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it." Mr. Hollis also notes that the quality of the department heads is second to none, and that it is a privilege to again work with them in providing public service of the highest level. "Clay Stamp has done an outstanding job as County Manager, and he has set the bar high with his many accomplishments in such a short period of

time. I look forward to working with Clay and the department heads in what I anticipate will be a very quiet and smooth transition to a new County Manager."

The Council would be remiss if it did not acknowledge the contributions of Mr. Clay Stamp, current County Manager, during his almost nine months in the position. In March, Mr. Stamp assumed the position in addition to his duties as Director of the County’s Emergency Services Department. He made it clear that his eventual desire was to return to his position as Director and Assistant County Manager. Council President Pack thanks Mr. Stamp for stepping up to the charge of overseeing the operations of County government. President Pack observes that, "Clay’s efforts have made our job all the easier, and his wise counsel has been greatly appreciated. He has gone above and beyond in fulfillment of his duties. We look forward to continuing to benefit from his overall administrative expertise, particularly in the area of emergency services." Mr. Stamp sincerely appreciates the confidence that the Council has placed in him, and is excited about the coming years.

During the final meeting of the last Council, Mr. Stamp reported to the Council on accomplishments in the area of technology with the release of a new County web site and Tourism web site, online sign-in for recreation programs, enhanced wireless coverage in the community center, access to a new GIS platform, and a new software platform that allows the County to track permits online. Substantial progress was made on the hospital project, as well as support and recruitment efforts for the volunteer fire departments. He also acknowledged the contributions of his administrative team headed by Assistant County Manager Jessica Morris, as well as the County’s department heads. Council Vice-President Laura Price congratulated Mr. Stamp on his progress on a variety of initiatives, as well as his ability to keep a calm demeanor through difficult times, and thanked him for all he has done for the Council. "Clay has provided steady leadership that has served the Council and staff well. His ability to provide insight and perspective on a variety of issues has been a resource upon which we have been fortunate to have been able to rely. We look forward to many more years working with Clay as an integral part of the County team."

Per the Talbot County Charter, The County Manager is appointed on the basis of education and professional experience in executive and administrative affairs, and is the chief administrative officer of the County. Under the direction of the Council, the County Manager directs and supervises the administration of all agencies of the County government, unless stated otherwise provided by Charter or by law. Mr. Hollis will begin his duties in this capacity on December 15, 2014.

For more, information: Talbot County Council Office, (410) 770-8001. 

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