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Talbot County Debuts Online Tracking System for Applications and Permits

For Immediate Release
March 3, 2015

Talbot County Debuts Online Tracking System
For Applications and Permits

 The Talbot County Government, with continuing emphasis on improvements to customer service, has introduced a new feature on its website that allows members of the public to track applications and permits for construction, including zoning certificates, buildings, HVAC, and fuel gas, online and in real time.

“The County Council wanted to open up the process and make it more customer friendly,” says Judith Shuler, manager of the Talbot County Office of Permits and Inspection. “The Council is working toward making permitting more efficient.”

“You can access information for any application or permit including buildings, HVAC, fuel gas, and zoning certificates,” Shuler continues.

The new tracking system begins with the first phone call. When a customer requests an inspection, they are sent directly to the County’s new Inspection Line. The resulting voice mail message is logged and sent directly to inspectors via email. When the details are transcribed, they are typed directly into the computer system.

Inspectors are also now using tablet computers while working in the field. Pass-fail information is entered onto the tablet and is viewable online as soon as the inspector’s computer syncs with the County computer network.

With the proper information, anyone with a computer can access any step of the permitting process. All you need is a parcel ID or an application or permit number; then you can look up the progress of any application or check the status of any permit.

In addition to streamlining the permitting process and making the information more accessible, the improved process has allowed for better communication among County departments. Many different offices are involved in the permitting process.

The Office of Permits and Inspections partners with the County’s Planning and Zoning and Public Works offices, as well as the Soil Conservation Service and the Talbot County Environmental Health Department when issuing building permits. Now all departments have access to a digital version of every document.

To track the permitting process, Talbot County uses a product called MUNIS, a software solution created by Tyler Technologies to manage the needs of municipalities across the country. It’s the same system the County’s Finance Office currently uses for property tax.

“We are excited to offer this software for the benefit of our customers allowing them the opportunity to check the status of their permit application,” says Corey Pack, President of the Talbot County Council.

“The Council made a commitment to streamline the building permit process and we are continuing to make improvements in this area,” Pack says. “This is another example of the County’s effort to better serve the community.”

To access the citizen self-service feature, simply log onto the County’s website at www.talbotcountymd.gov, click on the search bar and type in “citizen self service”.  You will be linked to a set of directions that will walk you through the process of accessing the information you need.

For more information, please contact the Office of Permits and Inspections at (410) 770-6840. Staff members stand ready to assist with questions about the software.


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