Talbot County, Maryland
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Villages Master Plan

Villages Master Plan

In 2016, Talbot County began to receive planning assistance funds for the redevelopment and enhancement of its 22 rural villages (see the village tabs for details).

Kicking off in August, 2019, the Village of Cordova is the most recent master plan project and the first undertaken in the eastern portion of the County. When completed, the Master Plan will identify existing community assets, challenges, needs and desires, along with potential development, safety, economic and enhancement opportunities consistent with the existing character and vision for the Village's future.

Previously completed master plans were supported by a Working Waterfront Enhancement Grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The funds were used to help develop master plans for the Villages of Bellevue and Tilghman. Their focus was to protect and enhance water access to commercial watermen and related water-oriented businesses, while also protecting the character of the traditional residential areas of the villages.

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