Owner-Occupied Home Improvement Programs

There are many programs available to assist eligible home owners with repairs and rehabilitation. Typically any repair that will correct hazardous, unsanitary and blighting conditions is eligible. For example, work can include a new roof, replacing a heating and air conditioning system, upgrading an electrical and plumbing system, energy efficiency and corrections to health, safety and other code violations. In addition, if a household member has special needs because of mobility, hearing and/or vision impairment, modifications may be made to the house and property to meet their special needs.

For more information about home owner rehabilitation programs administered through the State of Maryland's Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).
Website: https://dhcd.maryland.gov/Residents/Pages/WholeHome.aspx
Ph. 301-429-7847.

To determine which program or programs may best meet your needs, please consider meeting with a housing coordinator. If you would like help applying for a grant or loan program, we can assist you in submitting a complete package to expedite the process of application approval.

Please contact any of the following housing coordinators. There is no charge for assistance:

Talbot County Department of Planning and Zoning
215 Bay Street, Suite 2
Easton, MD 21601
Ph. 410-770-8030

Neoma Salvaje
Program Manager, Health, Housing, and Energy Programs
MRDC and Eleventh House Solutions
Ph. 410-231-3125
E-Mail: housingrehab@mrdc.net

Tara Felts
Family Services Coordinator
Habitat for Humanity Choptank
Ph. 410-476-3204
E-Mail: familyservices@habitatchoptank.org

Website: https://habitatchoptank.org/

Bay Hundred Community Volunteers
Contact: 410-745–9243

Bay Area Community for Independent Living
Bay Area Community for Independent Living works with Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MD TAP) to provide temporary portable ramps to those individuals who need wheelchair access to their homes. This project allows the consumer with limited mobility to live within their own home in their community.
Ph. 443-260-0822
Website: http://bayareacil.org/programs/

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