Drug Task Force


The Talbot County Narcotics Task Force is back to full strength with the addition of Talbot County Sheriff’s Deputies to the unit in early 2015.  Early this year, your deputies were assigned to the Task Force after nearly a 10 year absence from the task force.  Each day they work side by side with all of the police departments in Talbot County to identify and dismantle drug distribution.”  The task force is credited with  over 100 CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) investigations, including 27 felony CDS arrests, 19 misdemeanor CDS arrests, 1 gang member arrest related to CDS, 55 firearms seized related to drug distribution and drug possession charges, and over $36,000 in drug assets seized.

For tips contact the Task Force at: 410-820-8940 or at TalbotDrugTaskForce@gmail.com. You can remain anonymous. 

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