Domestic Violence Safety Plan

After an Ex Parte or Protective Order has been served on your partner, it becomes the most volatile time for you and your family. It is very important that you set up and follow a safety plan. Here are some basic strategies to follow:

  • Secure your house, change the locks to include deadbolts, add safety locks on your windows, and secure sliding glass doors.
  • Check outdoor lighting, leave lights on.
  • Keep your car doors locked at all times, check the area in and around the car before entering.
  • Inform neighbors and your landlord that your partner no longer lives with you and that they should call the police if they see him near your home. Remember your residence includes the yard, outbuildings and common areas surrounding your dwelling.
  • Have a friend or relative stay with you or move in with them.
  • Tell your children not to open the door to anyone. Keep recent photos and fingerprints of all your children.
  • If your partner comes by call the police (911) immediately. The respondent can be arrested on the spot for violating the order.
  • Keep a copy of the Court Order with you at all times. If you have children give a copy to the school or daycare provider.
  • At work, inform your building supervisor and building security of your situation.

It is up to you to come up with a daily safety plan. Be consistent and stick to it. It could save your life.

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