Flood Protection Resources

Weather and Tide Forecasts

National Weather Service:  Local weather forecasts including hazardous weather alerts.

National Hurricane Center:  Tropical Storm and hurricane weather tracking.

NOAA - Talbot County Tide Predictions Map:  Click on a tide station symbol for current and predicted tide levels, use date ranges within each station's linked web page to customize water level predications, view a graphic of each station's tide frequency (tide height, time at lowest or highest tide) and print tide information. 

Talbot County Resources

Talbot County Md DES Mobile Application:  Recieve "local" emergency and flood alerts, weather events, social media, contacts and preparedness guidance.

Citizen Alert System:  Receive emergency alerts and other important communtiy news.

Plan and Prepare for Natural Disasters

2017 Hazard Mitigation & Communtiy Resilience Plan

Tidal Surge Maps and Bay One Hundred Evacuation Zone Map

Talbot Flood Risk Map:  Use this map to discover if your property, home or business is in a flood zone.

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