Roads Regulations

Roads in Talbot County, excluding State roads, are regulated by the Roads Ordinance, Title 13 of the Talbot County Code. In addition to the Roads Ordinance, Talbot has a Roadway and Storm Drainage Design and Construction Standards. This information is available from the Department of Public Works for a nominal fee.

Did You Know:

The maximum speed on County roads is 50 MPH, unless posted slower. Obviously, periods of inclement weather, reduced visibility, etc. require reduced speed for safe passage.

Use of County roads are restricted to 40 tons gross vehicle weight, unless posted less, as are some County bridges.

New access to County roads, such as driveways, must be permitted by the Roads Department or Department of Public Works.

Any work or disturbance within county roads right-of-way must be coordinated with the Department of Public Works.

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