Talbot County, Maryland
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County Manager

The County Manager is the chief administrative officer of the County. The County Manager is responsible for the direction and supervision of all County agencies and department heads.

The County Manager is also responsible for the appointment, supervision and removal of County department heads with the approval of the Talbot County Council. The County Manager must see that all County laws, as specified by the Charter and the Code, are enforced and executed.

The County Manager serves as both the Finance Officer and the Budget Officer, thus requiring that he prepare and submit an annual budget to the Council for their approval. He is required to keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the County and make recommendations as he deems desirable.

The County Manager sees that communications between the public, County government agencies, and the Council, are forwarded to the appropriate parties for any necessary action. Upon appointment, the County Manager must be, or promptly become, a resident.


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