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H.S. Diploma or G.E.D., 18 years of age.  Starting salary for an uncertified correctional officer is $32,261 and for a certified correctional officer is DOQ with benefit package. We accept applications for this position year round.

For best consideration direct submissions to:
Department of Corrections
Administrative Office
115 West Dover Street
Easton, MD 21601
or email to applications@talbotcountymd.gov

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Talbot County Government is seeking a director responsible for leading, directing, supervising and managing the administration and operation of all activities of the Talbot County Department of Corrections. Minimum requirements:  Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice, social sciences, or public administration plus a minimum of five (5) years of progressive experience in the administration, management and oversight of a correctional facility. Certification by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission is required. Job description available online at talbotcountymd.gov.  Salary DOQ. Generous benefits package.  For best consideration, apply by March 29, 2019.  To submit an application package, please go to our website – Employment Applications – fill out the on-line application. Please mail resume with a cover letter, including salary requirements and at least three professional references to:
Employment Applications
Talbot County Government
11 N. Washington Street
Easton, MD  21601

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The Talbot County Department of Corrections is responsible for the safe, secure and constitutionally compliant housing of all persons legally committed to the custody of the Warden, this includes those persons awaiting an initial appearance before the District Court Commissioner.  As part of Talbot County’s criminal justice system, the Department represents the interests of the County in all matters of detention, incarceration, housing, rehabilitation and remediation of both pre-trial and sentenced inmates.
Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in criminal justice, social sciences, or public administration plus a minimum of five (5) years of progressive experience in the administration, management and oversight of a correctional facility. 

The incumbent is responsible for leading, directing, supervising and managing the administration and operation of all activities of the Talbot County Department of Corrections.  The Director ensures the institution is adequately staffed by trained personnel; ensures that inmates are properly received, processed, housed, fed, cared for and accounted for; develops and implements proven rehabilitative strategies that successfully reintegrate offenders into society; develops and implements policies and procedures for the operation and administration of the facility while ensuring that all personnel are properly supervised and managed thereby guaranteeing the safety, security and well-being of the staff and inmates who occupy the Detention Center. 

1.  Plans, directs and controls all operations of the County Detention Center.
2.  Develops, establishes and communicates policies and procedures for the management, operation and maintenance of the Detention Center. 
3.  Provides opportunities to change criminal thinking patterns and promote pro-social behaviors through education with a cognitive behavioral focus, with the objective of a decreased likelihood of reincarceration.
4.  Ensures that the Center is adequately staffed at all times and that all staff members are trained and certified as required; establishes and communicates standards of work performance, work hours, and personnel rules and regulations, ensures effective supervision of staff; provides for the safety, security, and compensation of staff members; resolves personnel problems and initiates disciplinary action as needed; instructs correctional personnel in new procedures.
5.  Ensures the Detention Center is inspected daily to make sure of employee and inmate adherence to departmental policies, procedures and practices.
6.  Provides for the periodic inspection and repair of all center facilities, inmate areas and equipment; oversees the periodic searches of all areas of the facility and ensures the confiscation of prohibited items.
7.  Prepares and presents Department’s operating and capital budgets to County Manager and County Council. Administers operating and capital budgets as adopted by the County Council.
8.  Represents Talbot County as a member of the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association.  Monitors, studies and briefs County leadership on specific legislation proposed by the Maryland General Assembly and the potential impact on the County and the Department of Corrections, if passed. 
9.  Serves as primary point of contact and liaison for Talbot County with various County, State and Federal court officials; federal, state and local law enforcement and correctional officials; other federal and state officials, contractors, and vendors in connection with Departmental activities.  Within County government, fosters and maintains positive working relationships with the County Manager, County Council, State’s Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, and various County department directors. 
10. Ensures compliance with all applicable Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), the Annotated Code of Maryland, the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards and all other statutes and case law pertaining to federal and state constitutional rights of incarcerated persons; regulations of the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and other applicable statutes, standards and County ordinances and codes.
11. Develops and presents policy recommendations relating to correctional and security services to the County Manager and County Council.  Ensures that all County personnel regulations are adhered to by all County employees.  Seeks clarification on policy issues from Administrative Services as necessary.
12. When necessary, conducts and/or coordinates required investigation into serious breaches of the law, policy and procedures, rules and regulations, whether by staff or inmate.  Coordinates such investigation with appropriate law enforcement agencies and the States Attorneys Office.
13. Accounts for the control, safety, and security of visitors to the center, the general public and detainees.
14. Accounts for the receipt, processing, custody, safety, security, care, transport, and release of inmates; provides for inmate services such as medical care, educational opportunities, laundry, etc.; ensures that inmates’ rights are not abridged; interviews troubled inmates and resolves problems; establishes and ensures enforcement of standards of inmate behavior. 
15. Receives and responds to questions, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, inquiries, complaints and the press as necessary and keeps a permanent record of all responses. 
16. Performs related work as required.
1.  Must possess excellent communications skills, verbal and written.
2.  Possess the ability to read, analyze and interpret highly detailed and complex documents.
3.  Must be familiar with current and emerging best practices pertaining to reducing recidivism.
4.  Must have the ability to write and edit detailed and complex reports, policies, procedures and correspondence.
5.  Be able to respond appropriately and effectively when handling highly confidential and/or sensitive inquiries or complaints.
6.  Ability to make effective and persuasive speeches and presentations on controversial or complex topics to the County Council and various governmental agencies, committees, boards and other public groups.
7.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, inmates, lawyers, the public and officials of County, State and Federal agencies.
8.  Ability to maintain records and prepare financial reports.
9.  Ability to deal calmly and effectively with all inmates and in all situations.


Talbot County Emergency Services, 9-1-1 Communications
Full-time position with duties to include: answering and dispatching fire, emergency medical, and law enforcement calls for both routine and 9-1-1 emergencies, monitoring radios, and interaction with computer aided dispatch equipment.  Typing and computer skills required.  More details and full position description may be found at www.talbotcountymd.gov - Starting salary $32,306 with full benefit package.

For best consideration please go to Empoyment Appplication and fill out the on-line appplication.  In addition, you may also send a resume with cover letter by close of business February 25, 2019 to:
Employment Applications
Talbot County Government
11 North Washington Street
Easton, MD 21601

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

A Communications Specialist I is a new employee who must complete all initial training within the first year of employment.  Once they have completed all training and have had satisfactory or better evaluations over a two year period, he or she becomes eligible to move up to the position of Communications Specialist II.

1.  Candidates must possess a high school diploma or (GED) certificate.
2.  Possess and maintain a valid Driver’s License.
3.  Successfully complete and maintain CPR certification.
4.  Successfully complete and maintain AED certification.
5.  Successfully complete the National Academy Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) licensing requirement and maintain a current certification.
6.  Successfully complete the National Academy Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD) licensing requirement and maintain a current certification.
7.  Successfully complete the National Academy Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD) licensing requirement and maintain a current certification.
8.  Successfully complete NCIC training through the State of Maryland.  Once certification is complete, it must be maintained at all times. 
9.  Successfully complete National Incident Management Systems Course (NIMS) seven hundred (700), one hundred (100) and two hundred (200).
10. Successfully complete various training classes offered and required of county employees.
11. Successfully complete the State of Maryland ETC course (Emergency Telecommunication Course).

1.  Receive and dispatch all 9-1-1 calls in Talbot County.
2.  Receive and dispatch all fire, ambulance and rescue calls in Talbot County.
3.  Receive and dispatch fire, ambulance and rescue from Talbot County to mutual aid calls in surrounding jurisdictions.
4.  Receive and transmit information via radio, telephone, electronic signaling devices, and or computer.
5.  Receive and dispatch all law enforcement calls to Easton Police Department, St. Michaels Police Department, Oxford Police Department and Talbot County Sheriff's Department.  Also, transfer other police calls to Maryland State police.
6.  Proficient in use of METERS/NCIC/CJIS equipment.
7.  Perform medical patches between local hospitals and Paramedic/EMS units for the entire Eastern Shore, along with units in parts of Virginia.  Also do patches for private ambulance services to the same facilities.  Must also perform patches through EMRC for all specialty hospitals throughout the state for the same counties and private ambulances.
8.  Observe weather conditions and notify other agencies of weather broadcasts we receive.
10. Use numerous software programs in tracking hurricanes, tropical storms and severe weather.  Use various other emergency management and hazardous material software, as necessary, to perform job duties effectively.
11. Update residential & business information in CAD system such as address, phone numbers, directions, alarm information, medical information and contact persons.  In addition, perform other data entry, as necessary.
12. Continuously monitor several radio channels simultaneously.
13  Maintain up-to-date lists, checklists, logs and so forth, such as but not limited to, fire company information, box alarms, medical buildup, databases, resources, contact lists, local, State/Federal information lists, 9-1-1 information, hang-ups, NAWAS alerts, weather alerts, controlled burnings, street closings, equipment out of service, equipment function logs, etc.
14. Receive and transmit information via TDD equipment.
15. Use voice/data recording equipment.
16. Maintain monthly reports and statistics.
17. Perform other related tasks and duties not listed in the job description, but are in the general occupational category and responsibility level typically associated with the employee’s class of work.

1.  Basic understanding of radio-telephone communications.
2.  Knowledge of geography of Talbot County and of surrounding counties.
3.  Ability to comprehend information quickly during 9-1-1 calls and to be able to act quickly and concisely in emergency situations.  Ability to be decisive and to use good judgment are essential qualities.
4.  Computer knowledge essential.  Knowledge of programs determined as essential to dispatch, emergency management, hazardous materials management and weather, among others is extremely important.  Must understand radio and technical equipment to a degree necessary to perform the job.
5.  Must have command of the English language, both orally and written, be able to spell accurately, use proper grammar and punctuation, and be able to type at least 30-40 wpm using a computer.
6.  Must be detail oriented, motivated, dedicated and possess the ability to work harmoniously with other Communication Specialists.
7.  Ability to set work priorities, multi task and handle information of a confidential nature.
8.  Be able to work on a rotating shift basis, including weekends and holidays.
9.  Expected to be available for duty during emergency situations for what could be the duration of the emergency.
10. Ability to accomplish the responsibilities of the position.


The Talbot County Sheriff's Office currently has openings available for qualified applicants for Entry Level and Lateral Deputy Sheriffs.

Requirements for these positions are listed on our Applications which can be viewed and printed by clicking the Public Safety link above, and then clicking the Employment sections under the Sheriff tab.

For further information regarding the applicant process, please contact Captain Scott Mergenthaler or Corporal Marlene Gieraltowski at 410-822-1020.

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



accepts applications for the following positions on a rolling basis:

Emergency Communications Dispatcher

Please go to Employment Application and fill out the on-line application.  In addition, you may also submit a letter of interest and resume to:
Employment Applications
Talbot County Government
11 North Washington Street
Easton, MD  21601
or email to applications@talbotcountymd.gov

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Part-Time Positions available:
Ice Rink Maintenance Staff, Evenings, Nights, Weekends, ** Must be 18 years or older**
Skate Guards/Skate Rental, **(must be able to ice skate)** Cashiers/Concession Workers Fri – Mon, various hours **Must be 16 years or older**

Apply at Talbot County Community Center Mon – Fri, 8am – 4:30pm, 10028 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD. 21601, 410-770-8050
or email to parks@talbotcountymd.gov

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Talbot County Hog Neck Golf Course is accepting applications for seasonal grounds maintenance workers.  Duties include general maintenance and operating small equipment, must be available to work weekends.  Golf discounts available.  Applicant must pass a substance abuse test and background check.   Salary depends on experience.  For best consideration please go to our website www.talbotcountymd.gov, Employment Applications, and fill out the on-line application.  You may submit your application on-line or send to:
Employment Applications
Talbot County Government
11 North Washington Street
Easton, MD  21601

Talbot County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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