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Council Meeting Schedule

The Talbot County Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Both meeting dates are legistlative days. 

For those months with five Tuesdays, the Council will not meet on the fifth Tuesday of the month. The Council will meet in work sessions on non-meeting days on an as needed basis. All County Council meetings are held in the Bradley Meeting Room, South Wing, Courthouse, 11 North Washington Street, Easton, Maryland.

Contact the County Council Office at (410) 770-8001 for more information.


JANUARY  5                        Reserved for Work Sessions

JANUARY  12                      1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

JANUARY  19                      Reserved for Work Sessions

JANUARY  26                      6:00 p.m. Legislative Day  


FEBRUARY  2                     Reserved for Work Sessions

FEBRUARY  9                     1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

FEBRUARY 16                    Reserved for Work Sessions

FEBRUARY 23                    6:00 p.m. Legislative Day


TUESDAY, MARCH  1          3:30 p.m. Budget Presentations (Bradley Meeting Room) tentative

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2      3:00 p.m.  Budget Presentations (Bradley Meeting Room) tentative

THURSDAY, MARCH 3         3:00 p.m. Budget Presentations (Bradley Meeting  Room) tentative

MARCH  8                          1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

MARCH  15                        Reserved for Work Sessions

MARCH 22                         6:00 p.m. Legislative Day

MARCH 29                         NO MEETING - 5th Tuesday of the Month


APRIL  5                            Reserved for Work Sessions

APRIL 12                           1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

APRIL 19                           Reserved for Work Sessions

APRIL 26                           6:00 p.m. Legislative Day  


MAY  3                              1:30 p.m. Council Meeting


                        2:00 p.m. Bradley Meeting Room

7:00 p.m. Easton High School Cafeteria

MAY 10                             1:30 p.m. Legislative Day  

MAY 17                             Reserved for Work Sessions

MAY 24                             6:00 p.m. Legislative Day 

MAY 31                             NO MEETING - 5th Tuesday of the Month


JUNE  7                           Reserved for Work Sessions

JUNE 14                          1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

JUNE 21                          Reserved for Work Sessions

JUNE 28                          6:00 p.m. Legislative Day


JULY  5                           Reserved for Work Sessions

JULY 12                          1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

JULY 19                          Reserved for Work Sessions

JULY 26                          6:00 p.m. Legislative Day


AUGUST  2                     Reserved for Work Sessions

AUGUST  9                     1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

AUGUST 16                    Reserved for Work Sessions

AUGUST 23                    6:00 p.m. Legislative Day

AUGUST 30                    NO MEETING - 5th Tuesday of the Month


SEPTEMBER  6                Reserved for Work Sessions

SEPTEMBER 13               1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

SEPTEMBER 20               Reserved for Work Sessions

SEPTEMBER 27               6:00 p.m. Legislative Day


OCTOBER  4                   Reserved for Work Sessions

OCTOBER 11                  1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

OCTOBER 18                  Reserved for Work Sessions

OCTOBER 25                  6:00 p.m. Legislative Day


NOVEMBER  1                Reserved for Work Sessions


NOVEMBER 15               Reserved for Work Sessions

NOVEMBER 22               6:00 p.m. Meeting

NOVEMBER 29               NO MEETING - 5th Tuesday of the Month


DECEMBER  6                Reserved for Work Sessions

DECEMBER 13               1:30 p.m. Legislative Day

DECEMBER 20               Reserved for Work Sessions

DECEMBER 27               NO MEETING - Christmas Week 


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