Talbot County provides recycling services through participation in the Mid-Shore Regional Recycling Program (MRRP), with Queen Anne's, Caroline and Kent Counties. MRRP collects and recycles approximately 30,000 tons of classified material/year, representing a 24% recycling rate.

MRRP operates 49 recycling collection stations, of which 13 are in Talbot County. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view/print  the Location. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can download the reader for free by clicking on the "Get Acrobat Reader" button below.

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Additionally, the Izaac Walton League collects old newspaper and aluminum, at the SuperFresh and Clark's Market sites, in support of their scholarship fund.


Maryland Envrironmental Service Recycling

Recycling contacts in or near Talbot County are as follows:


Regional Coordinator (MRRP) 
Richard Keller:410-729-8200
                                                                                410-729-8383 Fax
Talbot County Recycling Coordinator  
Derick Brummell:410-770-8170
                                                                               410-770-8176 Fax
Caroline County Recycling 
Jake Jacobs:410-479-4151
                                                                               410-479-0409 Fax
Queen Anne's County Recycling 
Connie Toulson:                                                   410-758-2697 ext 133  
                                                                                410-758-6605 Fax
Kent County Recycling 
Marty Holden:410-778-7448
                                                                               410-778-7424 Fax
Maryland Department of the Environment