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County Council Pending Legislation


Admin. Resol. (Emergency Resolution - COVID-19 Enforcement - Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings) As Introduced on July 28, 2020 - TABLED ON AUGUST 11, 2020




 Bill 1413 (Bill to Amend Ch. 190 Talbot Co. Code - Short Term Rental Inspections) as amended on June 11, 2019  ALLOWED TO EXPIRE


Bill 1443 (Bill to Amend Ch. 190 Talbot Co. Code to Improve and Clarify Processes for Licensure of Short Term Rentals) ALLOWED TO EXPIRE

Bill 1444 (Brewery On-Premises Permit Bill) ALLOWED TO EXPIRE

 Bill 1464 (Bill to Amend Ch. 172 - Talbot Co. Code to Authorize the Creation of Special Taxing Districts in Talbot Co. for Installing, Maintaining, and Operating Street Lighting Along County Roads)





 Resolution 280 (Resol. to Establish a Vehicle Weight Limit on Black Dog Alley)




Resolution 289 (2020 Charter Amendment to EstablishTerm Limits for Council Members) TABLED ON JULY 14, 2020































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