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 Bill 1413 (Bill to Amend Ch. 190 Talbot Co. Code - Short Term Rental Inspections) as amended on June 11, 2019  ALLOWED TO EXPIRE


Bill 1443 (Bill to Amend Ch. 190 Talbot Co. Code to Improve and Clarify Processes for Licensure of Short Term Rentals) ALLOWED TO EXPIRE

Bill 1444 (Brewery On-Premises Permit Bill) ALLOWED TO EXPIRE

Bill 1446 (Bill to Amend Ch. 190 - Talbot Co. Code to Improve and Clarify Processes for Licensure of Short Term Rentals) - Reintroduction of Bill 1443 which was allowed to expire

Bill 1447 (Brewery On-Premises Permit Bill) - Reintroduction of Bill 1444 which was allowed to expire

Bills 1448-1461 (FY21 Capital Enabling Legislation)

Bill 1462 (Third Street Rezoning in Town of Easton)

Bill 1463 (Bill to Amend Ch. 64 Talbot Co. Code - Development Impact Fees)











 Resolution 280 (Resol. to Establish a Vehicle Weight Limit on Black Dog Alley)

Resolution 281 (CWSP Amendment - Town of Trappe Lakeside Project) December 2019

Resolution 281 (Amendment 1 - Introduced on February 11, 2020)





Resolution 285(2020 Charter Amendment to Waive Residency Requirements for Certain Employees) 

Resolution 286 (2020 Charter Amendment re Constant Yield Tax Rate) 

Resolution 287 (2020 Charter Amendment - Elimination of CPI-U)

Resolution 288 (2020 Charter Amendment - To Allow, But Not Require, the County Council to Add Up to One Cent ($.01) Per One Hundred Dollars of Assessed Value Above the Revenue Cap for No More than 5 Years beginning July 1, 2021)

Resolution 289 (2020 Charter Amendment to EstablishTerm Limits for Council Members)

Resolution 290 (Resol. Prohibiting Statues Depicting Persons, Signs, or Symbols Associated with Military Action on Talbot County Property and Providing for the Rremoval of the Talbot Boys Statue While Retaining the Base of the Monument)

Resolution 291 (Resol. to Rezone Property at 29328 Dutchmans Lane and to Waive 5-Year Hold)

Resolution 292 (Resol. Authorizing Transfer of Portion of Dutchmans Lane to Town of Easton)




























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