Talbot County, Maryland
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Staff Contact Information


410-770-8030   Mary Kay Verdery, Planning Officer                        

410-770-8030   Miguel Salinas, Assistant Planning Officer

410-770-8030   Mike Duell, Chief Code Compliance Officer                  

410-770-8033    Carole Sellman, Staff Assistant                                    

410-770-8040    Chris Corkell, Administrative Assistant

410-770-8044    Duane Gottschalk, Alcoholic Inspector/Code Compliance Officer         

410-770-8034    Elisa Deflaux, Environmental Planner                                                            

410-770-8177     Jimmy Mullikin, Code Compliance Officer

410-770-8041    Maria Brophy, Zoning Coordinator

410-770-8032    Martin Sokolich, Long Range Planner

410-770-8043    Fax Number 


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