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Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is regulated by Title 16A, of the Talbot County Code, in coordination with state and federal requirements. Attention to the physical and biochemical effects of storm runoff from areas of human activity is becoming increasingly critical to our quality of life. Mandatory implementation of control of non-point discharges, total maximum daily loading of waterway nutrients and pollutants and best management practices for agricultural operations are being considered with revision of stormwater management regulations and guidelines in progress at the state and federal governmental levels. The emphasis is shifting to the simultaneous control of the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff, whereas control of quantity has historically been the primary enforceable consideration.

The current criteria for stormwater management requires control of the peak off-site discharge rate of runoff from a 2-year storm event to within 10% of the pre-development conditions, except no increase in runoff is permitted in the critical area of certain zones.

The management criteria is applicable to residential lots under 2 acres and building developments with more than 5,000 square feet of grade disturbance. Temporary control of sediment and erosion during construction is required as stipulated by the Talbot Soil Conservation District.

Fees for the stormwater management program, subject to annual review, are $250 for the basic permit to construct and operate a stormwater management facility, $50/year for continuance of the permit and inspection of the facility and $100 for review of a waiver request.

The following contacts are available for stormwater management inquiries in Talbot County:

Michael Mertaugh (DPW): 410 770-8170
Water Management Administration (MDE): 410 631-3543
Talbot Soil Conservation District: 410 822-1577/1583


 Talbot County Stormwater Management Process & Implementation Guide

Click here to download the Application for Stormwater Management Standard Plans.



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