Talbot County, Maryland


A Public Draft  of the Bellevue Village Master Plan has been prepared for public review and comment.

Please provide any comments on the draft Bellevue Village Master Plan to: 

Miguel Salinas - msalinas@talbotcountymd.gov
Ph. 410-770-8030   

Comments received by Monday, March 27, 2017 would be appreciated.

The development of the Bellevue Village Master Plan is an 8-month process, concluding in a final review of the plan in March and early April. A critical component to the development of the plan is the 6-member Bellevue Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) appointed by the Talbot County Council. The CAC represents a broad range of interests and their role is to identify issues and opportunities, discuss the results of a community survey and vet and refine the plan’s recommendations. Based on information provided by the CAC and through public meetings, the consultant team is developing a number of goals and strategies based on key issues identified through the outreach process. These issues include:               

  • Preservation of working waterfront assets along Tar Creek and at Bellevue Landing
  • Redevelopment of “Bellevue Gardens”
  • Water access at Bellevue Landing for working watermen
  • Management of recreational users at Bellevue Landing
  • Maintenance of private streets
  • Deferred maintenance and upkeep of vacant homes
  • Increased development pressure for lot consolidation  

Ultimately the Bellevue Village Master Plan will formulate a long-term vision for the village along with recommended strategies to consider in future planning; strategies that will preserve the village character while protecting its working waterfront assets.

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