Talbot County, Maryland


"In the spring of 2016, Talbot County received a Working Waterfront Enhancement Grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to help in the development of a village master plan to protect and enhance water access to commercial watermen and related water-oriented businesses, while also protecting the character of the traditional residential areas of the village. The Plan will be based upon input and recommendations generated from local residents, businesspersons, watermen, and weekend visitors as part of a community survey and a series of three community work sessions to be held in the late summer and fall.

Recognizing the often competing interests between working watermen and neighboring residences, or between long-time residents, newcomers, and weekend visitors, Talbot County strives, through the planning process, to balance these interests for the betterment and long-term viability of the community as a whole.

The Talbot County Council appointed a 6 member Bellevue Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), representing a broad range of interests, to begin identifying the issues and opportunities facing the village. Building upon earlier community planning efforts in Bellevue, the CAC identified the following issues, among others, to be addressed in the Plan:

Relocation of Bailey Marine Construction - This 5th generation marine contracting and construction company has recently purchased the property of the former W.A. Turner & Sons Packing Company along Tar Creek, and plans to rehabilitate the existing bulkhead and pier, and relocate their barges to the site. This plan will explore how this site can be redeveloped to accommodate this (and potentially other) water-oriented businesses and commercial watermen without negatively impacting neighboring residences.

Appropriately-Scaled Infill Development - Encourage the building of new homes on existing lots that will complement the existing character of the community.

Re-Subdivision of Ripple/Payne Property -This 14.74-acre property, which was the former location of the W.H. Valliant packing plant, was subdivided into a 31-lot residential subdivision (known as "Bellevue Gardens") in 1955 and 1964, but was never developed. This plan will explore how this property can be developed to complement the existing character of the village, while protecting the sensitive environmental features of the property along the Tred Avon River.

Street Maintenance – The County has maintenance responsibility for only some of the roads within the village, leaving local residents to maintain all other "private" roads and alleys. This plan will explore ways for the County to cooperatively work with village residents to repair and resurface existing streets and alleys within the village.

Renovation of Vacant Houses -  An increasing number of houses within the villages have become vacant and are not maintained. This has led to increased instances of vandalism and property-related crime. This plan will explore ways in which existing vacant houses can be renovated and/or re-purposed to serve new purposes or uses.

Bellevue Park and Landing - As the terminus to the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry and a popular landing for both working watermen and recreational boaters alike, the Bellevue Landing is among the busiest in Talbot County. Parked vehicles and trailers are often parked and backed up along Bellevue Road presenting hazards to motorists and bicyclists alike. The County will explore what improvements or amenities are required and feasible to enhanced access to this facility.

Bellevue Working Water Front Master Plan - Handout


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