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Property maintenance is a concern of all citizens. Title 8B of the Talbot County Code requires properties be maintained such that all fire and health safety risks to adjacent properties and residents, as well as nuisance conditions, are reasonably controlled. Accumulation of junk and debris, overgrown weeds and brush, ponding of stagnant water and deteriorating and unsecured abandoned structures are conditions that can harbor vermin and disease, or present fire hazard.

The County responds to specific property complaints by inspecting the site to determine if there is a violation. The Health Department and Fire Marshall may be requested to assist in this determination. If the condition of the property is a violation of code regulations, the owner is directed by certified mail to perform the necessary maintenance to remove offending items or conditions. If the owner does not respond, the County may enter the property and perform the required work and charge costs through a tax surcharge assessment.

Obviously, the procedure for enforcing property maintenance can take considerable time, depending on the extent of the violations and the response of the owner. The County's policy is to work with the owner to resolve the situation to the satisfaction and welfare of all parties involved. Since staffing resources for this program are limited, priority attention will be given to the resolution of serious violations, where a threat or adverse impact to the environment and adjacent properties and residents is clearly evident.

The following contact is available for property maintenance complaints in the unincorporated areas of Talbot County:

Bob Graham for trash, junk, debris and structures:

   410 770-8030

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