Talbot County, Maryland


The Special Tilghman Village Master Plan meeting is scheduled for:

Sunday, April 23

2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Tilghman Island Volunteer Fire Hall

We hope to see everyone there.

A Public Draft of the Tilghman Village Master Plan has been prepared for public review and comment.

Please provide any comments on the draft Tilghman Village Master Plan to: 

Miguel Salinas - msalinas@talbotcountymd.gov
Ph. 410-770-8030  

Comments received by Monday, March 27, 2017 would be appreciated. 

The development of the Tilghman Village Master Plan is an 8-month process, concluding in a final review of the plan in March and early April. A critical component to the development of the plan is the 11-member Tilghman Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) appointed by the Talbot County Council. The CAC represents a broad range of interests and their role is to identify issues and opportunities, discuss the results of two community surveys and vet and refine the plan's recommendations. Based on information provided by the CAC and through public meetings, the consultant team is developing a number of goals and strategies based on key issues identified through the outreach process. These issues include: 

Working Waterfront Issues 

  • Continuing need for business and community support of watermen way of life
  • Limited availability and capacity of working space in existing marinas
  • Dredging Dogwood and Tongers for watermen
  • Enhancing commercial seafood/boatyard and other water-related businesses opportunities
  • Competition for specific waterfront needs between recreation, residential/tourism, and watermen 

"Main Street" Issues

  • Limited market opportunities and lack of business-friendly regulations inhibiting businesses 
  • Lack of signage directing the public to businesses
  • Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety on Tilghman Island Road/Black Point Road
  • Stormwater issues and ditches; flooding
  • Limited parking due to critical area requirements and lack of on-street parking opportunities
  • Speeding

Tilghman Neighborhoods (Traditional)

  • Preservation of the neighborhood character and maintenance of housing stock
  • Lack of affordable housing for workforce
  • Physical and regulatory constraints for infill development of housing on vacant lots
  • County repair of side roads

 New Tilghman Neighborhoods

  • Concern about the scale and potential impact of condominiums and real estate value of newer housing on the affordability of traditional housing in the Village
  • New residential neighborhoods attracting a social and economic demographic with different needs, wants, and values

Ultimately the Tilghman Village Master Plan will include recommended strategies to consider in future planning for Tilghman that can address its primary challenge: how to balance the desire for a viable working waterfront and a functioning commercial/retail street as the heart of the working waterfront village, with the desire to preserve the community’s character and appearance.


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