Bio-Solids Utilization Facility

The Talbot County Bio-solids Utilization Facility (TCBUF) was designed by Tatman & Lee Associates, Inc. from Wilmington, Delaware. The facility was originally permitted in 1993 and opened in 1995. It continued in operation until the former owner retired in November 2005 and suspended operations while maintaining the current Maryland Depatment of Environment (MDE) Sewage Sludge Utilization (SSU) permit. On August 3, 2005, Talbot County Government purchased the entire site and has reactivated it back to its historical use under an approve MDE operating agreement.

The facility is permitted and designed to receive, treat, and dispose of bio-solids, specifically septage and grease wastes. It is located on a 209.5 acre parcel of land of which 52 acres are utilized for spray irrigation of the treated septage.  Historically, the grease wastes have been treated and utilized separate from the septage. Talbot County plans to modify and enhance the processing of grease and cease on site utilization of this element.  The aerial map on this page is of the TCBUF site.

The design values of the TCBUF are:

Design Stabilization Capacity (annual basis) — 6,000,000 gallons/year*
Design Stabilization Capacity (per week basis) — 115,385 gallons/week*
*Based on operating average 8 hours/day for 5.5 days/week.

The TCBUF is staffed by Talbot County’s Environmental Operations Division Personnel who perform all duties necessary to operate the facility to the highest environmentally protective standards.  After receiving and completing industry standard stabilization processing, the bio-solids are spray irrigated on agricultural production crops under an MDE approved nutrient management plan, which governs the quantity of stabilized bio-solids that may be applied to the agricultural crops relative to their respective ability to uptake valuable nutrients. Ground water is routinely monitored to ensure that the proper nutrient uptake of the crops is achieved and therefore resulting in zero negative impact to the water.

The TCBUF operating hours for receiving bio-solids are Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 4:30.  After hours requests are handled on a case by case basis via our after hours response personnel.  The Contact numbers for the staff assigned responsibility for the TCBUF are:

Monday – Friday; 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Department of Public Works
 (410) 745-9257

Environmental Operations Manager: John Allen
(443) 786-6468
TCBUF Site Manager:  On Call After Hours
Designated Site Operator
 (443) 786-6474

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