Wastewater Treatment

The two Talbot County wastewater treatment plants, located in Tilghman and St. Michaels, are respectively rated at 150,000 and 660,000 gallons/day.
The annual cost/household for use of the County's wastewater facilities is $985 in Sanitary District 1 (Unionville, Tunis Mills and Copperville), $985 in Sanitary District 2 (Royal Oak, Newcomb and Bellevue) $1,035 in Sanitary District 2 (St. Michaels and Rio Vista), $1,055 Sanitary District 2 (Martingham) and $745 in Sanitary District 5 (Tilghman). The variances in these costs, which are reviewed annually, are due to differences in types of collection systems and capital debt shares. During the 2012 legislative session, the Bay Restoration Fund fee was increased to $60 per year. This increase will be reflected in future sewer service bills.
One-time fees for new services are assessed at $10,000 - $12,000 per equivalent dwelling unit for Unionville, Tunis Mills, Copperville, St. Michaels and Rio Vista, Royal Oak, Newcomb, Bellevue and Martingham and $1,490 for Tilghman. These fees are for capital replacement and repair and system expansion costs. There may be additional charges for new service for retroactive capital debt share costs, which vary according to the service area.
For further information, or service inquiries, please contact the following:


Talbot County Environmental Operations Division: 410 745-9257
Talbot County Environmental Health Office: 410 770-6880





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