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Repairing Talbot County’s Leeds Creek Bridge

Category: Public Works

Two Talbot County foremen, Mike Potter, at left, and Taylor Lowery, finish working on the Leeds Creek Bridge, which was constructed using timber in the 1960s. It needs frequent maintenance, and there have been meetings to consider replacing the wood with asphalt. On Thursday, five workers replaced nine wooden planks. Read more

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Tunis Mills Road Over Leed's Creek Bridge Replacement

Category: Public Works

Project details for Leeds Creek Bridge Replacement, located near 26209 Tunis Mills Rd., Easton, MD are now available online. Read more

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Talbot County Council Meeting Highlights, July 11, 2023

Category: County Council

Agenda items included Proclamation for "Parks and Recreation Month", an update on the Leeds Creek Bridge replacement, a vote on the cannabis permitting moratorium (Resolution No. 344), and more. Read more

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