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Permit Requirements

Permits (and sometimes plans or inspections) are required to ensure that your repairs, additions, or alterations are done according to the County Codes and other applicable codes and regulations.

This information in the list below should be used as a guide to determine whether a permit may be required for projects you are seeking to begin. Click on each project type for details and a link to the permit application. 

Project Type

  • General Building Projects

    This application should be used for projects such as New or Replacement Stick Built Single Family Residences; Deck Additions; Additions/Renovations; Total Roof Replacement; Residential Greenhouses with permanent foundations; Carports; Detached Garages; Pergolas; Commercial Building or Renovation projects. This list may not address every project or situation.

    Please contact our office if you have questions before you apply.

    Apply for Permit

    Deck details guide can be found here.

  • Generators

    Projects that have generators that are permanently fixed may require a generator permit.

    Permit Required: Generator Permit

  • Propane

    Projects that contain propane tanks that are above ground and buried may require a propane permit.

    Permit Required: Propane Tank Permit

  • Agricultural Structures

    Agricultural Structures that are strictly agricultural use and not mixed commercial, agribusiness, or residential/agricultural mixed uses may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Agricultural Structure Permit

  • Solar

    Solar cells are devices that convert light into electricity. A solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Solar panel installation requires a building and electrical permit before starting work.

    Permits Required: Solar Permit

  • Electrical (Standalone)

    Residential, commercial, or agricultural electrical work not associated with a building permit may require an standalone permit.

    Permit Required: Electrical Permit (Standalone)

  • Demolition

    If you plan to demolish or remove a structure or residential, commercial, and agricultural structures, it may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Demolition Permit

  • Fencing

    New or replacement fences that are 4 feet high or taller may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Fencing Permit

  • Cell Tower / Cell Antenna

    New cell towers or antenna request may require a report.

    Permit Required: Cell Tower Permit

  • Fuel Gas (Standalone)

    Residential, commercial, or agricultural fuel gas work not associated with a building permit may require an additional permit.

    Permit Required: Fuel Gas Work Permit

  • HVAC (Standalone)

    Residential, commercial, or agricultural HVAC projects not associated with a building permit may require a permit.

    Permit Required: HVAC Work Permit

  • Modular Single-Family Resident

    New or replacement single family residences that are considered modular construction may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Modular Single-Family Resident Permit

  • Swimming Pools

    Inground swimming pools, including concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, and above ground pools at least 4 ft tall may require a permit.

    On the site plan, please include pool, patio, and pool equipment locations.

    Permit Required: Swimming Pool Permit

  • Marine Construction / Shoreline Stabilization

    Projects that will require marine construction or shoreline stabilization may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Marine Construction Permit

  • Plumbing (Standalone)

    Residential, commercial, or agricultural plumbing projects not associated with a building permit may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Plumbing Work Permit

  • Sheds

    Storage sheds that are 300 square feet or less in gross floor area may require a permit.

    Permit Required: Shed Permit

  • Miscellaneous Zoning

    This application is intended for lot coverage in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area such as driveways, walkways, retaining walls, etc., and for other projects that no other application addresses.

    Permit Required: Zoning Permit

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