The Talbot County Council has enacted a temporary burn ban due to drought conditions and extreme heat. For more information, visit


Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Exemption

Talbot County taxpayers may be eligible for a Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Exemption. Taxpayers must be billed the Fee either on their Real Property Tax bill or on a Talbot County Sanitary District (sewer) bill. For information on how to apply and the qualifications needed to obtain an Exemption, read this document.

Click on the following link to access the application: Bay Restoration Fee Hardship Application

Public Accommodations Tax Form

The Public Accommodations Tax form is available online. You can download or print a blank form, or fill out the form digitally. Once completed, the form can be mailed or brought into the Finance Office. 

The form can be found here: Room Tax Form

Investment Policy

Local Government Article 17-205 requires local governments to adopt a local investment policy, which policies and/or amendments are submitted to the State Treasurer for review. View Talbot County investment policy here

Bond Rating

Bond Ratings are used to measure the creditworthiness of a bond, which corresponds to the cost of borrowing for an issuer. See current bong ratings here: 

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