Talbot County Seal

The Great Seal of Talbot County was officially adopted on July 26, 1966. As a result of Talbot County being named in honor of Grace Talbot, daughter of George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore, and sister of Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore, the Talbot coat of arms was adopted as the design of both the seal and flag.

This consists of a rampant lion in red, against a silver shield. The background color of the seal and flag is purple, which was the color assigned in 1694 to Talbot County by the royal governor of Maryland, Sir Francis Nicholson. The seal is circular in shape, with the words, "The Great Seal of Talbot County Maryland" along the edge. Below the rampant lion is written in Latin, "Tempus Praeteritum Et Futurum," which translates as, "Times, Past and Future."

From Maryland: The Seventh State A History. Copyright John T. Marck. All rights reserved.

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