Taxes Summary

The Finance Office is responsible for billing and collecting most Talbot County taxes. Review the information below to learn about the types of taxes and support programs offered by the county.

Common Taxes

Real Property Tax

Talbot County issues real property tax bills for properties located within our jurisdiction. This is based upon the assessment, ownership, and property description information provided to the Office of Finance by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.

Real property taxes are due and payable without interest as of the first day of July in each taxable year. The deadline for real property taxes is September 30th, as interest and penalties begin to accrue on October 1st.

Real property taxes on owner-occupied property are payable via semi-annual installments. The first installment is due by September 30th, and the second installment is due by December 31st. There is a service charge assessed on the second installment of real property taxes, which can be avoided by paying the full annual amount by September 30th.

Real property tax bills are available through MUNIS self-service.

Railroad & Public Utilities Rates

Income Tax

The State of Maryland collects income tax, and then a potion of that is distributed to the County for use. 

Recordation Tax

Transfer Tax

Mobile/Manufactured Home Rental Community Tax

Public Accommodations Tax

Admission and Amusement Tax

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