Short Term Rental Review Board

Anyone renting their Talbot County property, or seeking to rent a property in Talbot County, for fourteen weeks or less should be aware of the County’s requirements for Short-Term Rentals. These requirements apply regardless of how the properties are marketed – through a property management company, on-line such as VRBO and Airbnb, newspaper, or word of mouth.

General information on Short-Term Rentals can be found here.

The Short-Term Rental Review Board reviews all applications, violations, and rules and regulations related to Short Term Rentals. 

Current Members

  • Cindy Reichart
  • Martha Witte Suss
  • Michelle LaRocca
  • David McQuay
  • Keith Watts


Upcoming Public Hearings/Meetings

  • Short Term Rental Board Meeting
    February 29, 1:00pm

    Visit Planning and Zoning/Short Term Rental for the meeting Agenda.

  • Short Term Rental Board Meeting
    January 25, 1:00pm

    Visit Planning and Zoning website for a Short Term Rental Review Board meeting agenda.

Check back later for events.

Agendas and Minutes

Related Rules and Regulations

Rules and Procedures (Updated March 2019)

Talbot County Code § 63.1 Short-Term Rental Review Board

General Information on Short-Term Rentals in Talbot County


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