Criminal Division

The Office of the State's Attorney for Talbot County currently has five attorneys. Each attorney handles many types of cases, in both the District Court and the Circuit Court.

However, although the size of the office prohibits absolute division of caseload by type, there is a degree of specialization.

  • Scott G. Patterson, State's Attorney, Homicides, Circuit Court, Vehicular Manslaughter and Narcotics
  • Ellen Barry Grunden, Deputy State's Attorney, Child Abuse and Sex Offenses, Robbery and Assaults, Circuit Court, District Court
  • Henry Phillips Dove, Chief Trial Counsel, Embezzlement and Forgeries, White Collar Crimes, Circuit Court, Drug Court, Juvenile Court
  • Katherine  G. Ault, Assistant State's Attorney, District Court, Circuit Court
  • Colin C. Carmello, Assistant State's Attorney, District Court, Circuit Court

The Criminal Division could not operate without it's fine administrative staff, and the Victim Witness Division.

  • Terri Pierce, Office Administrator
  •                              , Investigator
  • Tracy Soper, Circuit Court Administrator
  • Amanda Baker, District Court Administration
  • Karen Greene, Director, Victim Witness Division
  • Michelle Clark, Deputy Director, Victim Witness Division
  • Lois Elder, Victim Witness Division, Administration

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