Administrative Charging Committee

Pursuant to Chapter 59, Laws of Maryland 2021, Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 - Police Discipline and Law Enforcement Programs and Procedures, a Police Accountability Board (PAB) and Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) has been established by the Talbot County Council with the adoption of Bill No. 1497

The ACC’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Review the findings of a law enforcement agency’s (LEA) investigation of a complaint made by a member of the public against the police officer;
  2. Determine whether the police officer shall be administratively charged; and
  3. Recommend appropriate discipline.

The Talbot County Police Accountability Board and Administrative Charging Committee have no jurisdiction over matters occurring prior to the July 1, 2022 effective date of the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021.

File a Complaint

Pursuant to Talbot County Code §§ 24-16 (D&E), within three days of receiving a complaint alleging police misconduct, the Police Accountability Board (PAB) will forward the same to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation and recommended disposition. Complaints submitted to the PAB must be signed, but do not need to be notarized.

Submit completed request form to Office of Law, Courthouse, South Wing, 11 North Washington Street, Easton, MD 21601 or by email to 

Complaint Form

Meeting Times

The Administrative Charging Committee will meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month beginning at 6:00 p.m. pending an agenda. The meetings will convene in open session for the purpose of moving to convene in Closed Session. The meetings will be held in the Bradley Meeting Room, Talbot County Circuit Courthouse, South Wing, 11 N. Washington Street, Easton, Maryland 21601. 

Current Members

  • Mitchell S. Ettinger, Esq.
  • Jennifer L. Williams, Esq.
  • Constance M. Hope
  • Wala-Neh Labala
  • Gregory A. Wilson


No public hearing or meeting scheduled at this time.

Check back later for events.

Agendas and Minutes

Related Rules and Regulations

ACC Rules and Procedures (Updated April 2023)

Talbot County Code § 24-17 - Administrative Charging Committee


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