The Talbot County Council has enacted a temporary burn ban due to drought conditions and extreme heat. For more information, visit

County Council

The Talbot County Charter charges the Council with the following duties.
Section 101: Talbot County constitutes a body corporate and politic. Under this Charter it has the rights and powers of local self-government and home rule provided by this Charter and by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Maryland. The County has these rights and powers as freely and completely as if they were specifically enumerated in this Charter, and no enumeration of rights or powers in this Charter may be deemed exclusive or restrictive.
Section 102: The powers mentioned in Section 101 of this Charter may be exercised only by the County Council or other agents, officers and employees of the County acting under their respective authorities or under other authority provided by this Charter or the laws of this State. In the exercise of these powers, the citizens of Talbot County shall be accorded equal treatment in all matters under the jurisdiction of the County government regardless of race, creed, sex or national origin.
Section 202: All powers which may be exercised by Talbot County under the Constitution and laws of Maryland, including all law-making powers heretofore exercised by the General Assembly of Maryland, but transferred to the people of the County by adoption of the Charter, are vested in the Council subject to those powers retained by the people of Talbot County as hereinafter set forth in Sections 216 and 217 of the Charter. The County Council is responsible for the enforcement of this Charter and the laws passed under its terms, which responsibility may be delegated and the officials and employees so charged shall have the authority conferred upon them by the laws of Talbot County.



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