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County Seeks Individuals to Fill Vacancies on Boards


Category: County Council

The Talbot County Council seeks to fill vacancies for several boards and commissions. These boards and commissions play a crucial role in providing a community-led voice on different topics.

The Agricultural Resolution Board, whose purpose is to resolve disputes concerning alleged agricultural nuisances, has one at-large vacancy.

The Commission on Aging, which advocates for the senior citizens of Talbot County, has three vacancies.

The Ethics Commission, which processes and makes determinations as to complaints filed by any person alleging violations of those individuals subject to Chapter 60 of the Talbot County Code (Ethics Provisions), has one vacancy.

The Historic Preservation Commission, which safeguards the heritage of the county by recommending preservation of districts which reflect the county’s cultural, social, economic, political, or architectural history, has 5 vacancies. One of the members must possess professional or academic training in history, architectural history, architecture, historic architecture, or archeology to the extent that such professionals are available within the county.  

The Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board, which processes and makes determinations as to appeals filed related to local tax credits, local taxes, and special taxing areas, has two vacancies (one regular member and one alternate position available).

Boards, committees, and commissions are an excellent opportunity for engaged and committed individuals to play an active role in shaping the county.

Individuals interested in serving should reach out to the Office of the County Manager at 410-770-8010 or visit the County’s website at for details on the application process, meeting times, and additional information.

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