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Roads Department Seeking Candidates for Equipment Operations


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 The Talbot County Roads Department is seeking quality candidates for equipment operations with immediate openings available. 

The Department maintains approximately 370 miles of County owned roads and rights-of-way areas which are essential to maintaining public safety, economic vitality, and access to services.  

“Our department responds to all aspects of routine maintenance, in all weather conditions, and emergency operations,” stated Brian Moore, Superintendent of the Roads and County Facilities. “It’s essential that staff not only has the technical training needed, but also knows how to work together as a team. We have a very important responsibility.”  

They work year-round to maintain the quality and standards set by the County. Work can vary based on the season, but priorities include mowing, snow removal, seasonal resurfacing, as well as tree trimming and maintaining the ditches and culverts throughout the county. 

Mike Steenken, Assistant Roads Superintendent (right) discusses road paving progress with Brian Moore (left), Superintendent of Roads and County Facilities.  

Moore talked about the challenges of hiring in the current job market, and the benefits of working in a County position.  

“In order to work in our industry, a commercial driving license (CDL) is required to complete most of the work,” said Moore. “We’ve partnered with Chesapeake College to connect candidates with training opportunities, but we need folks immediately to serve the needs of the county.” 

In 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) enacted changes to the process of obtaining a CDL, making requirements more stringent. Chesapeake College is the closest training provider that meets the standards set on the federal level.  

“I understand when individuals want to use their CDL to build their own business or work for a larger company, but working for the County in these roles can provide stability that other companies cannot,” said Moore.  

Recently, he talked to an independent contractor facing a large medical bill. He remarked that things may have worked out differently if they had been working for the County.  

Talbot County Government provides a comprehensive and flexible benefits program that is designed to meet the needs of employees and their families. Some benefits are paid in full by the County, some costs are shared, and other benefits are made available at reasonable group rates.  

After receiving a new load of material in the asphalt paver, the Roads team continues to lay down new road in Talbot County. Paving projects require a team of 5-6 individuals, not including the truck drivers required to bring fresh asphalt to paving locations.  

“The County provides a generous benefit package to our employees, because we know how important and valuable their service is,” said County Manager Clay Stamp. “We are consistently looking for additional ways to improve the employee experience. We want employees to ‘stay here and play here’ as they say in Talbot County and the Eastern Shore.” 

If an individual would like to apply to the Machine Equipment Operator II or any other County positions, they can review and apply on the Talbot County Website at  

Employees work year-round to keep grass and brush under control on County maintained roads.  

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