Talbot County Council Seeking Volunteers to Serve on County’s Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board


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The Talbot County Council is seeking nominees to serve on the County’s Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board (PTAAB).   

The PTAAB has jurisdiction over all appeals in its area concerning property tax assessments, the Home Owners' Tax Credit Program, the Renters' Tax Credit Program, the Agricultural Land Preservation Easement Program, and other local tax matters assigned to the board for hearing. This jurisdiction also includes, but is not limited to, appeals concerning local tax credits, local taxes, and special taxing areas. 

Each PTAAB consists of three members and alternates. The members are appointed by the Governor for five-year terms; the chair is named by the Governor.  

Board members may not be actively engaged in real estate sales or appraisals; there are also some limitations which apply to employment in local or State government.  The PTAAB in Talbot County meets only when hearings are scheduled.

Should a resident be interested in serving the County in this capacity, please contact the Office of the Talbot County Manager at 410-770-8010. Deadline for Council’s consideration is Friday, June 16th at noon.   

Additional information about the board’s responsibility and purpose can be found at www.ptaab.state.md.us

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