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Talbot County Launches Social Media Accounts


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Talbot County Government has launched social media accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn to share countywide updates, news, alerts, and more. The launch is a component of the County’s comprehensive initiative to enhance communication with the public and to add transparency.

During the County Council’s June 13th meeting, Sarah Kilmon, Communications Manager for the County, provided an update on the progress.

“Currently, if the County has news to share, it is posted on the County website and shared with local news outlets,” mentioned Kilmon. “Launching countywide social media accounts will allow the County to expand its reach to more residents of the community and to provide timely updates on issues.”

Several County departments already have social media presence including Easton Airport, Emergency Services, Hog Neck Golf Course, Parks and Recreation, Economic Development, and Tourism. The Department of Emergency Services also has a text alert system in place for weather and emergency events.

“Department-specific accounts have proven to be effective in reaching their target audience and will continue. Our attention is to launch a countywide social media presence that will encompass all departments, and support and share their content as needed to reach a broader audience.”

The new Facebook Page can be accessed at

The new Linkedin Page can be accessed at

Residents, stakeholders, and media are encouraged to follow the accounts for news, updates, and more.  

“This move is long overdue,” said County Manager Clay Stamp. “Although the County website will remain the predominant source of timely information, these social media accounts will serve as a tool to enhance and complement our communication efforts.”

During the June 13th Meeting, the County Council also adopted a Social Media Policy for the County which can be found here: Social Media Policy.pdf ( The policy will be used for all County managed social media accounts moving forward.

For more information on County Communications, please contact Sarah Kilmon at

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