Alcohol Awareness Training

Alcohol Awareness Training Classes

The Talbot County Alcoholic Beverages Inspector will be conducting Alcohol Awareness Training, Training for Intervention Procedures (TiPs) for employees engaged in the sale of alcohol:

“On-Sale Licenses” (Classes B, B-F, C, D, DBR, F-A, G, H, I, J, and K) (4 Hour Class)  Classes will be conducted at least once a month.

Cost   $30.00; Volunteer Fire Companies and Officers at Veteran’s Organizations; $16.00

“Off-Sale Licenses” (Classes A, B-R, D, and E) – Anyone involved in the sale of alcohol is required to take this class.  (3 Hour Class)  Classes will be conducted at least every other month. Cost $30.00

Class dates, times, and locations may vary.

Payment:  Payment must be made to the Talbot County Finance Department, Talbot County Circuit Court House, 11 North Washington Street, Easton, Maryland 21601, at any time before the class is scheduled to begin.  Presentation of the receipt to the instructor is required for admission to the class.

Current Class Schedule

You must pre-register. To register send an email to the Talbot County Alcoholic Beverages Inspector, Duane Gottschalk, at or call 410-770-8044. Provide the following information: Date of class, your legal name, your email and phone number, and your employer or business. You will be sent a confirmation email verifying the class time, location, and payment requirements.

Classes will be held at Talbot County Community Center, 10028 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD  21601.

(Classes will be held in the Chesapeake Room.  A sign will be posted on the door)





Additional Classes:

Online Alcohol Awareness Training

Please contact the Talbot County Alcoholic Beverages Inspector, Duane Gottschalk, at or 410-770-8044 for additional information.

Talbot County Code, § 11-13 (F)

All employees involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages shall successfully complete training in an Alcohol Awareness Program within one hundred eighty (180) days of the date of hire. The Liquor Inspector may grant an extension not to exceed sixty (60) days for Licensees with less than three (3) employees whose businesses would suffer undue hardship, due to circumstances beyond the Licensee's reasonable control.  Any request for a waiver must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) days and contain all grounds in support of the request.

(1)   For purposes of this section, "Approved Alcohol Awareness Program," has the meaning and is subject to the requirements and time limitations set forth in Article 2B § 13-101, Md. Ann. Code, as amended from time to time.

(2)   Nothing in this section relieves the licensee from compliance with any other applicable State requirements regarding alcohol awareness training.

(3)   This section may not be construed to create or enlarge any civil cause of action or criminal proceeding against a licensee.

(4)   Penalties. The Board shall impose the following penalties on any licensee who violates this section within any seven (7) year period:

(a)    1st offense, $50.00 fine;

(b)    2nd offense, $200.00  to $500.00 fine;

(c)     3rd offense, 2-5 day suspension; and,

(d)     4th or subsequent offense, 10-30 day suspension.

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